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Burke Truck & Equipment, Inc. is your complete snow removal equipment dealer. We specialize in municipal trucks and heavy equipment to handle town roads, city streets, highways, interstates, airport runways, and much more. We also offer equipment for smaller trucks; from 1/2 Ton to 5 Ton for driveways, parking lots, etc. Call us for all Mailhot Hoist Cylinders. ***Although we are a one-stop-shop for all snow removal equipment, as of Fall 2012, we are no longer selling and installing Brand New Pick-Up Truck Plows for non-municipal accounts. In the Dane Co area, you can call D&J Services, Double D, Madison Truck, P&B Truck Accessories, or Work Truck Stuff depending on the brand of snow-plow you are looking for. But please keep us in mind for all of your repair parts, cutting edges and fabrication needs for your plow.

Now a proud local source for all of your Towmaster Trailer parts!


  • Complete municipal truck equipment packages
  • Service - Fast and courteous.
  • Stainless Steel Dump Bodies and Multi-Purpose Bodies
  • Tailgate and Receiver Mount Sand & Salt Spreaders
  • 1 Ton Pickup Snow Plows
  • Plows For Skid Steer Loaders
  • Box Plows for Loaders
  • V-Box Spreaders
  • Airport Runway Snow Plows
  • Parts & Accessories for most Snow Removal Equipment Manufacturers

Burke Truck & Equipment, Inc. builds fully custom package trucks to customer's exact specifications. And we service what we sell. 

Quality and service are our trademarks. We feature quality snow and ice removal products and equipment from many of the leading manufacturers.


Email Orders and Inquiries: burke@burketruck.com

Below is a clip from The Discovery Channel's Mythbusters episode featuring Burke Truck.