Our Plow

 Burke Road Tamer 2000

Similar to the rubber bushings found in all car and truck suspension systems, the Burke Road Tamer 2000 Plow has rubber bushings installed at each of the five hinge points, connecting the plow moldboard to the plow table. There are also bushings installed on each end of the trip-moldboard arms. With rubber bumpers on each side of the a-frame and poly bushings on the end of the reversing cylinders, there is no metal to metal contact between the moldboard and table. The Road Tamer 2000 Plow is a much quieter plow, with virtually no vibration, less wear and tear on the plow and truck, and less fatigue on the driver.

Available in 11 foot or 12 foot widths and 42 inch or 48 inch moldboard heights, the Road Tamer contains the following industry-leading features:
Dual-Trip design, a 10 gauge broke (not rolled) moldboard, 8 vertical ribs, 5 hinge points with patented 'rubber mount' table bushings, 38 degree turning angle (not the industry standard 35 degree), Crossover Relief Manifold, 4 Heavy Trip Moldboard Springs with provisions for 2 more, rubber bushings in moldboard trip arms, trip edge with Heavy 7/8" thick Torsion Springs. 1/2" thick reversing table, 4" x 13" reversing cylinders with 2-inch nitrited rods cushioned with polyurethane donut at rod end, replaceable brass bushing at ear end, patented "Level Lift" design allows continuously level blade in any position, with a max height difference of 1-1/2" tip-to-tip at full turn. Trip edge or trip moldboard variants available, opposed to the standard dual trip. Other plow sizes and options available, like reversible and fixed tapered one-way plows. Some popular accessories include Rubber Bridge Scubbers on plow ends, Air Scoop mounted above deflector flap to control fluff at higher speeds, and Lighted Plow Markers with LED Rope-light inside.

Our Wing

Burke SnowPatrol DKL Wing

10-gauge tapered broke (not rolled) moldboard. Patented "A-Arm" lift frame, 4" x 19" heel lift cylinder with deceleration block, 3.5" x 10" full displacement toe cylinder. Trip Edge design, 7/8" torsion springs. Loaded with Standard Carbide & Cover, Shielded Carbides or Joma Rubber Blades optional. Available sizes include 8 foot, 9 foot, and 10 foot blade length. Also available with a Power Push-Arm.

Dump Bodies

 We install stainless steel dump bodies on all of our package trucks, in lengths of 10' to 18'.

Salt Spreaders/Pre-Wet

We offer stainless steel tailgate spreaders, live bottom chain body spreaders, and hydraulic/electric pre-wet systems.


We offer our patented plow and wing for front-end loaders in configurations of front-mount wing, mid-mount wing, and plow only. Attachments are quick attach that allow for fast install and removal.