Cable Controls & Hydraulic Valve

Our signature package truck comes with a simple, yet time-tested cable controlled hydraulic system.

The controls consist of Nimco cables and controllers, mounted in a custom stainless steel console. Switches built into the handles allow for the operator to start/stop salting operations and control wing power push braces, without ever taking their hand off the appropriate lever. The controllers have built in locks to stop the levers from moving when wanted, making maintenance and operations much safer.

The hydraulic system is comprised of an open center Hydac valve stack, custom salter manifold, and cast iron gear pump. The open center system simplifies the valve and pump, eliminating external load sensing components and additional pump controls, which ensures years of use without extensive maintenance costs. The stackable valve sections allow for us to accommodate the needs of each truck (plow, hoist, single/twin wings, scraper, etc...), while keeping everything in a single assembly and not using any more components than what are needed. A custom salter manifold has been designed to allow for controlling the salter functions electronically, keeping all hydraulic lines out of the cab. Provisions are available for a hydraulic pre-wet circuit as well, which also can be controlled electronically.

Road Ranger System

Burke Truck's Road Ranger System is a state of the art control system that includes electronic joysticks, touch screen interface, load sensing piston pump, stainless steel valve enclosure and console and a custom designed monoblock hydraulic valve manifold.

Fully proportional, electronic hall-effect joysticks provide precise control of every hydraulic function, while reducing operator fatigue and control maintenance. A touch screen interface controls the lights, electrical components, and salter. Closed loop salting functions provide real-time feedback of the salt and/or liquid output, allowing for closer monitoring of material usage. The console is a stainless steel, fully adjustable unit with armrest, in order to maximize operator comfort.

The custom designed hydraulic valve manifold is a one-piece anodized aluminum block that operates the main functions of a plow truck (plow, hoist, wing, and salter) with electronic pilot valves. Add-on sections are available to control additional options (power push brace, broom, scraper, etc...) to suit each truck's needs. The manifold also allows for Burke Truck's blade saver, an innovative capability of hydraulically reducing the weight of the plow placed on the road, which extends cutting edge life and reduces damage to soft roads.

Stainless Tubes and Reservoir

Here at Burke Truck, stainless steel hydraulic lines and reservoirs are standard. On every full build truck, we run stainless steel hydraulic lines the length of the truck, front and rear. This vastly reduces hose lengths and makes for quick replacement when a hose does fail. Baffled, tig welded stainless steel reservoirs eliminate seam cracks and leaks, keeping the area around the truck clean and the oil free of contaminants.